Supporting a dynamic digital ecosystem

With the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to the best possible digital foundation. Operating since 1994, AMS-IX is a powerful and stable global internet hub that has supported the rise of Amsterdam’s dynamic digital sector. Customers and members include internet service providers, tech startups, mobile operators, content providers, hosting and cloud providers, businesses in the financial and FinTech sectors, TV broadcasters and gaming companies. Together, they are part of a strong ecosystem that allows end users to enjoy fast, stable and cost-effective online experiences.

AMS-IX has always been a digital pioneer

The fact that AMX-IX started out so early compared to others demonstrates the spirit of innovation that is prevalent in Amsterdam, says Job Witteman, co-founder and CEO of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange from January 2000 to October 2017. “I think it’s testament to Amsterdam’s forward-thinking nature that we were established so early – originally as a way for the city’s academic community to keep in touch with their ‘cronies’ in other world centres for technology, like Chicago. Amsterdam has always been open and neutral; these are the values that have made it possible for us to connect so many of the players in the ICT community.”

Theo Vogel

From Amsterdam to the world

AMS-IX is a not-for-profit member-based association. Today, it’s operating six independent Internet Exchanges around the world: in Amsterdam, the Bay Area, the Caribbean, Chicago, Hong Kong and Mumbai. Its presence in Amsterdam is not only important for ICT and tech companies, but also for financial institutions and other businesses which demand reliable and fast connections. It delivers high-quality interconnection services to a wide range of businesses worldwide with the help of innovative platforms and cutting-edge technology.

Valuing diversity and collaboration

By the nature of its business, the core values at AMS-IX have been collaboration and innovation ever since its early days, rooting it firmly in the wider tradition of Amsterdam’s business community. “It’s an attractive place to do business, because it’s very dense. There’s a level of competition and choice here that drives down costs, but always through innovation,” says Witteman. The diversity of the city – and of AMS-IX – is another aspect he has always valued highly: “The employees come from all over the world. That makes for a tremendously vibrant working environment.”