Job Witteman, CEO, Amsterdam Internet Exchange

“Operating since 1994, our exchange connects parties as diverse as local internet service providers through to the large telecoms companies. I think it’s testament to Amsterdam’s forward-thinking nature that we were established so early, originally as a way for the city’s academic community to keep in touch with their cronies in other world centres for technology, like Chicago. Amsterdam has always been open and neutral; these are the values that have made it possible for us to connect so many of the players in the ICT community.

“It’s an attractive place to do business, because it’s very dense. There’s a level of competition and choice here that drives down costs, but always through innovation. Although we’re a relatively niche operation, made up of 40 people, our employees come from all over the world, and we’re very proud of that diversity. At the last count, we had 17 different nationalities at AMS-IX. That makes for a tremendously vibrant working environment.”