First published in AMS business magazine. Author: Lauren Comiteau

Amsterdam embraces innovative EV company

The Apple of EVs, Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of Silicon Valley engineers. As the electric car company, it has come a long way from its exclusive €130,000 2008 Roadster. Tesla’s Model S, rolled out in 2012, is ubiquitous in the city, whether as part of Schiphol Taxi’s fleet or as the car of choice for leasing company MisterGreen Electric Lease. Passengers and drivers alike say they love its quietness, roominess and, maybe most of all, its hip factor. “It’s the coolest car in town, accelerates fast and is affordable,” says MisterGreen co-founder and General Manager Florian Minderop. Worldwide, Tesla says its cars have driven over 1.6 billion electric kilometres, saving more than 150 million litres of fuel. According to Berith Behrens, Tesla’s Communications Manager in Benelux, “Amsterdam is a real Tesla hub.” Its relationship with the city remains a love story: the company has its flagship store on the PC Hooftstraat and its European office in the southeast of the city. Tesla’s space-age SUV, the Model X, will be coming to the EU later this year, with a range of 470 km and the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km in 3.4 seconds.