EV charging-stations on the rise in Amsterdam and beyond

EVBox was founded in the Netherlands in 2010, when the electric vehicle (EV) market was still in its infancy. Eight years later, and EVBox is now the largest producer and supplier of EV charging stations and charging management software worldwide.

Its 50,000 charging stations can be found at private homes, workplaces, and in public spaces across Europe, North America, and beyond.

“Just like how the automobile replaced the horse and carriage, electric vehicles will replace combustion-based automobiles,” says the company. Its role in that transition? “A charging point at every parking spot, an electric car for every home.” With its new, highly sustainable headquarters in the south of Amsterdam, and a partnership with the city and utility giants Nuon-Heijmans, EVBox will have placed 4,000 charging stations in Amsterdam by the end of 2018.