First published in AMS business magazine. Author: Lauren Comiteau

High-quality-meal delivery in Amsterdam

The 2014 Berlin food-delivery startup foodora began operations in Amsterdam in May 2015, delivering meals from high-quality restaurants not usually associated with the take-out market. And they do it solely by bicycle. A custom-made and eye-catching pink box atop the bicycle keeps food warm and, says Country Manager of the Netherlands, Vincent Hosman. “Bikes fit better into the culture in Amsterdam, which is such a bike city where it’s easy and quick to get around.”

Although the company still uses scooters outside the Netherlands, many of foodora’s restaurant partners don’t want to be associated with helmet-wearing couriers on mopeds. “They prefer a different approach, one that comes across as more friendly.” Now delivering in 32 cities worldwide, foodora it recently began operations in the Dutch cities of The Hague and Utrecht. But with 275 of its 400 restaurant partners located in Amsterdam, the 500 of its 700 bike-based deliverers can be found cycling through the Dutch capital’s streets.