Throughout history, Amsterdam has always been one of Europe's most attractive financial centres, and nothing has changed today. Find out what makes Amsterdam the perfect home for companies in the financial and business services industry.

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Avanto Ventures

Avanto Ventures' co-founder and head of European operations, Antti Rantanen, explains why Amsterdam’s startup-and-business ecosystem continues to impr...

Baker & McKenzie

Amsterdam's Zuidas business district – prestigious, dynamic, cosmopolitan and accessible – is a fitting location for the international law firm.


Amsterdam bank bunq aims to offer a true alternative to traditional banking, by not investing its customers' money or allowing them to get into d...

China Construction Bank

For Li Xiang, General Manager of China Construction Bank’s Amsterdam branch, setting up the bank’s new offices in 2015 was as much a business venture ...


Max Geerling and Piet Mallekoote of payment coordinator Currence talk about the Dutch culture of cooperation for the greater good.


Ebury was quick to recognise the potential of the many import/export businesses. “Amsterdam is a great hub for international trade and finance.”

European Investment Bank

“Here on the Zuidas, Amsterdam’s financial district, important contacts are just a stone’s throw away,” says Pim van Ballekom, EIB vice president.

Jones Day

Luc Houben, Partner-in-Charge at Jones Day’s Amsterdam office, explains why the company chose to make the move to the Dutch capital.

Lux Research

“I can’t imagine a better place [than Amsterdam] to serve as a European hub of operations,” said Chris Hartshorn, Lux Research's chief research offic...


Built by former retail bankers to administer retail investment and savings accounts, Ohpen's cloud-based core banking engine is the first of its ...