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Amsterdam is undeniably one of Europe's most innovative major finance centres. Learn more with specific knowledge and articles on the city's financial and business sector.

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Merchant power

Amsterdam’s meetings industry continues to grow, supported by a merchant spirit 400 years in the making.

Start me up

It‘s been a little over a year since the first start-up visa was awarded in Amsterdam. Three start-up founders who have benefitted talk about their ex...

A capital venture

Innovation, collaboration and internationalisation are the keystones of Amsterdam’s thriving investment ecosystem. These are exciting times for the ci...

Europe’s startup capital

Collaboration between public and private parties is essential in improving the ecosystem for startups. Case in point is StartupAmsterdam, the programm...

The engineers of finance

Amsterdam has long been a leader in the financial sector, and the city is now taking this centuries-old tradition into the present day by becoming one...

The startup race

The Amsterdam metropolitan area has the ambition to be a breeding ground for new national and international entrepreneurial talent and new business mo...