The Media Nanny: experts with the personal touch

“Like a little brother” is not how most company CEOs would describe one of its biggest clients, but then The Media Nanny is no ordinary company. Founded in 2010 by José Woldring, it manages PR for some of the world’s biggest DJs, brands and events. And that ‘brother’ its founder and CEO José Woldring is describing isn't just anyone, but Martin Garrix, arguably the biggest DJ in the world.

After I amsterdam spends an afternoon visiting The Media Nanny's Amsterdam office, it becomes apparent that this personal touch informs everything that the company does. It's also helped Woldring turn her company into one of the biggest players in the electronic music scene, representing some of the biggest names in the business – including Disclosure, Joris Voorn, David Guetta and more.  “Knowing all of our artists personally is the most important thing for us at The Media Nanny,” she explains. “Everyone that we work with knows that our team really care about every one of them, and going on tour with them and being there for them is very important to our professional relationship.” 

Jose Woldring

But Woldring says that developing relationships is something that was easy to learn in Amsterdam’s inclusive business community. “We have so many different industries in the city, which is not massive, and so everyone knows each other,” she explains. “That way you know people and help each other out. And when you go to an event you always meet people you know and can chat to – it’s never a lonely place. Even as a freelancer it was easy for me to go out and network and meet people, and that's how The Media Nanny grew.”

Amsterdam: an amazing environment to do business

José grew up in the Dutch province of Groningen before moving to Amsterdam to study. Soon after, some DJ friends asked her to write some marketing material for them, and before long more and more people started to ask for her help to increase their profiles. When the work kept coming and Woldring decided she needed to start a company proper, Amsterdam was always the first choice to base her new business. “Amsterdam is such an amazing environment, I have always felt like I am home here,” she says. “Anywhere I have been, whether it’s for holidays or work trips, when you say you’re from Amsterdam people always think it’s so cool and tell me how much they love the city. It is also the capital of dance music, so in my industry it’s amazing to be here, as there’s lots of talented creatives who live and work in Amsterdam.”

Martin Garrix

It’s not just the city’s flourishing creative scene which has helped support The Media Nanny’s success, but the Netherlands’ and city’s commitment to maintaining a positive work-life balance. “There’s a lot of great cities, but sometimes they are overcrowded or a bit too touristic,” she explains. “Here there’s a nice balance. I actually think the best thing about doing business in Amsterdam is the lifestyle – it’s really nice to work here and I love the people. Whenever I go anywhere for a few days I still miss it.”

 A collaborative and welcoming city

As well as managing the PR for global superstars and brands, The Media Nanny runs brand partnerships for companies who want to partner with musicians, and also offers full-service management for events, artists and major projects. Currently looking for bigger premises in the city to accommodate the company’s expanding list of clients and services, Woldring says that the City of Amsterdam have been a huge help in securing the right office. “It has been great to have the City of Amsterdam’s support when looking for a new base as we need quite a bit of space.”

This collaborative approach to finding new premises is indicative of how businesses and people operate in Amsterdam. “Amsterdam is great place for networking quickly, and the people are very nice and helpful, she says. “It’s not a cold city and you will feel at home quickly. You can become one of the locals quickly and there’s a lot of great opportunities; in fact, you often get companies contacting you to ask if you can work together or just offering to help out. If you come here and start a business people are always very helpful – both the authorities and locals. It’s different from any other city in the world.”

It should come as no surprise, but when she’s asked about a highlight of her career so far, she doesn’t pick out something that she’s done or an individual success. Instead, she says, it’s “Martin Garrix’s success, I was there when he had 100 followers on Twitter and now he is one of the biggest DJs in the world. That's special.”

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