Making interior design bright and witty

Moooi has been producing bright and witty products since 2001. Originally founded by Marcel Wanders and business partner Casper Vissers, it brings together some of the most innovative design studios currently working in the Netherlands. The bulk of its output consists of seating, storage, lighting and accessories products, and its name is a play on the Dutch word mooi, which means ‘beautiful.’ 

According to Wanders, the company describes its style as "exclusive, daring, playful, exquisite and based on the belief that design is a question of love," and every one of these words is felt in its offerings.

Spreading a Dutch design aesthetic far and wide

With products available in shops across the globe, Moooi excels at spreading its distinctly Dutch aesthetic far and wide. However, Wanders believes the Dutch capital is the only city that could’ve given birth to such a whimsical and unique company.

"Amsterdam attracts people,” he says. “It’s a very international place. It’s such a welcoming city for so many different cultures. Creativity needs the freedom and casualness of a city like Amsterdam."

Moooi's philosophy has always been about evolution, since almost everything has already been done before. "We want to make things that look as if you already know them... There’s nothing that grows old so fast as the new," says Wanders.

Bringing Amsterdam style to Europe, Asia and America

Some of Moooi’s better-known designs include the ‘Smoke Chair’ by Maarten Baas, which was finished with a blowtorch, and the ‘Horse Lamp’ by Front, which is the size of a real stallion.

Jurgen Bey, Kiki van Eijk, Studio Job and almost 30 others also contribute to Moooi’s output and it sells its products online and through a network of more than 50 international dealers, including high-end furniture stores across Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia. The firm has also opened a second showroom, in west London, to complement its flagship space in Jordaan, Amsterdam

Separate to his work with Moooi, Wanders oversees the Marcel Wanders Studio, through which he produces commissions for large brands, designs interiors and does art direction – including outfitting hotels, as he did with Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht.

Making practical products fun

Perhaps Moooi’s defining feature is its ability to inject a sense of fun into practical products like lamps and stools. "I think there is a lightness in the work and a sense of positiveness. If I were to tell you a joke now, I would tell you a little story. I’d make you follow my story, and the moment you know where it is going – when you know we’re going forward – I make a left," says Wanders. 

The same applies, he believes, to Moooi products. "If you see an object, you feel pleased with it, you start to recognise the patterns: it’s a chair with four legs and a back. Then if there’s something innovative about it, something different – like you sit down and there’s wheels on it, simple things – suddenly there’s something that makes you feel, ‘this is different’ and that thing in itself is a positive thing. A positive surprise."

And this is a feeling you come across often in Amsterdam....

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