Amsterdam: relaxed lifestyle, strong work ethic

Guerrilla Games are a leading force within the gaming industry, having developed top-tier PlayStation exclusives such as Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn. According to Hermen Hulst, co-founder and managing director of Guerrilla Games, Amsterdam offers the perfect combination of life and work. “For me, being based in Amsterdam represents a European lifestyle in a context where it’s possible to maintain a North American-style work ethic,” he says. “When I worked in Silicon Valley, I was impressed by the level of commitment and dedication that developers there have towards their output. Now I see that dedication on our creative shop floor too.”

Hulst rates the creativity and innovation highly, too: “Amsterdam has a really independent mind-set – it’s a place where for centuries people haven’t been scared to innovate. Newcomers are inspired by that spirit of independent thinking. I think it’s what drove me and my friends to set up Guerrilla Games in the first place. We have some 26 nationalities working here in our Amsterdam office. As an employer, I find it easy to attract people from overseas because people are attracted by the quality of life. Take my commute to work: a ten-minute walk along the canals, dropping my kids off at school on the way!”