Design industry hub

Amsterdam is a great ecosystem for the design industry. While competitive with major metropolises like London, New York and Los Angeles, the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is undoubtedly a very different environment, helping to set it apart and attract some of the world’s top creative talents in design. With architecture and design companies such as Moooi, RAU and DUS Architects, Amsterdam's design industry is leading the charge in closing the gap between traditional branding and technology. The design industry currently has around 14 companies based in Amsterdam, employing roughly 350 workers, and two of these companies have their headquarters in the Dutch capital.

“Creativity needs the freedom and casualness of a city like Amsterdam.” – Marcel Wanders, Moooi

Infrastructure, talent and networks for the design industry

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area boasts a world-renowned infrastructure: high-speed broadband, digital services providers and the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) put the Dutch capital ahead of the game. Equally important is that Amsterdam is a talent hub for designers. The main factors in choosing a location for design companies in Amsterdam are the attractiveness of the region for creatives, the presence of a network of other companies to collaborate with. New initiatives certainly benefit from the openness and opportunism of Amsterdam. Numerous new creative hubs have sprouted up in and around the city, notably transforming empty buildings or older industrial terrain into hotspots for media, design and art – attracting expanding brands and fresh talent in the process.

“In the Netherlands, it's more accepted that the built environment must be in harmony with the natural surroundings.” Thomas Rau, RAU