First published in AMS business magazine. Author: Paul Anstiss

Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Almere gets tiny sustainable housing 

The twenty-five lucky winners of a contest to design innovative and sustainable housing under 50 m2 in size will be offered the chance to build their own new homes in the city of Almere. Homes are expected to cost €20,000-70,000. The contest – called ‘Liberated Living: Your Tiny House in Almere!’ – was open to professionals, architects, builders, developers and non-professionals alike. The aim was to encourage competitors to think out of the box and challenge conventional wisdom in creating homes for single or divorced people, or for those who simply want to downsize and reduce their ecological footprints. The Tiny House movement originated in the United States and is slowly gaining ground in the Netherlands.By producing sustainable homes at such a low price, owners can say goodbye to big mortgages and live comfortable lives with less stuff and no financial nooses around their necks.

Almere forms part of Amsterdam’s greater metropolitan area, located just 26 kilometres to the east of the city. It is served by the A1 and A6 motorways, and is only 24 minutes by train to Amsterdam Central Station. One third of Almere’s population of almost 200,000 consists of single-person households. The City of Almere has allocated land to the winning designs on both a permanent and semi-permanent basis. Land designated for future schools and other projects will provide temporary sites for up to two years.