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Real estate industry in Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area offers attractive investment opportunities in real estate, from small-scale developments to grand new projects.

Amsterdam – a strong region

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is one of Europe’s five most stable and successful regions, holding a strong international position in financial and business servicesICT, media, the creative sector, higher education and logistics. The capital itself is a cosmopolitan and cultural city that attracts companies from across the globe. Luckily, the area boasts many suitable and affordable properties; find a comprehensive list of the area's real-estate opportunities on our assets map.

Why invest in the Amsterdam Area?

In recent years, the area has invested considerably in its physical and digital infrastructure, cultural facilities and public spaces. A host of parks, museums and waterfront locations – and an excellent public transport system – contribute to the area’s renowned high quality of life. This has made the region increasingly appealing to startups, companies and cultural institutions. In addition, investing in Amsterdam's real-estate market offers more benefits:

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