This is the final webinar in a series of 4. The first webinar focused on Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) in Sri Lanka. The agro-food sector was the subject of the second one. While the third webinar addressed the tourism sector, this presentation will zoom-in on the apparel sector.

Who can join?

They invite Dutch and Sri Lankan brands, agents, producers, and policymakers active in the apparel sector to join.

What will this webinar offer you?

This webinar will focus on 2 important trends in the apparel sector:

-circular fashion;

-balancing buyer-supplier relations through responsible purchasing practices.

Both trends can help to rebuild the sector more responsible and more profitable after COVID-19. Knowledgeable speakers will explain both trends. Illustrated through practical examples from the field.

Confirmed speakers represent organisations such as Better Buying, Eco Spindles and Tommy Hilfiger.

Why register?

Making your business model responsible is not only the best way but also the smart thing to do. In the long term, only sustainable business models will be future-proof. But we can no longer ignore the importance of Responsible Business Conduct. All stakeholders have a responsibility to balance People, Planet and Profit. This also applies to companies in the Dutch and Sri Lankan apparel sector.

This is the time to boost your strategic planning and turn sustainability into a business benefit.