Join in for this 2 Full Day Vuejs Conference with over 2,000 People flying from over 50 Countries in the World. Vuejs Amsterdam is the must-attend Vue Community Event & Event of the year.

Since Vuejs Amsterdam started in 2018 it has been a sold-out Vue conference with the creator of Vue, Evan You opening the event. The State of Vuenion 2022 is a highly anticipated talk this time around with 1,5 year since the release of Vue 3.

Theater Amsterdam has been described by global Javascript leaders as the "greatest conference venue in the world". You will get to see Vue Experts delivering high-level talks with coding examples on a large 500m2 Screen. As part of your Vue Conference experience, the organisers have arranged diverse, world-class and free lunchtime catering. You get to relax and sit back in cinema seats allowing you to open up your laptop if you wish to code along.