Tuulee Talks is bringing together world-class experts from different fields to share their insights in response to this question.

We live in a world in which a brand’s success is often measured by growth. Yet many sustainability commitments are focused on reducing carbon emissions, reducing reliance on natural resources and halting the destruction of biodiversity globally. Can these two seemingly contradictory goals coexist for brands and businesses? And if so, how?

We expect that there is no easy answer, and that there is no silver bullet. The objective of this event is to create a supportive environment in which we can start to unpick this topic in a transparent way, gain invaluable insights from experts and start applying them to our understanding of the issue.

Speakers include:

  • Head of Sales Europe and Apparel Sector Lead at the Carbon Trust
  • Founder of Verse Good Store & Agency
  • Founder of Joanna Invests
  • Founder of a circular business

With more to be announced!

The event will be moderated by Anna Öhrling, Tuulee’s founder.