SheNFT brings together creators, entrepreneurs, and experts making their way towards the new digital era. SheNFT’s mission is to bridge the gender gap in digital art and technology context.

What to expect?

🎨 EXHIBITION: 30+ digital creators will represent their art to your attention. Female designers, entrepreneurs and influencers will tell their unique stories about women empowerment via digital art & augmented reality experiences.


Group meditation in the metaverse;

Masterclass "Create your own NFT";

Ukrainian artist live NFT creation and charity auction.


10+ sharp, fresh, to the point talks on everything you’d want to know about digital art, as well as see best cases of brands and businesses entering Web3;

5 hours of talks and panel discussions (join any time) from digital art & Web3 pioneers of European scene.


Free drinks during the last hour;

Progressive and curious network to build new life-changing connections.

♾️ Organized by Metasouls, the membership onboarding women entrepreneurs, creators, and brands to Web3 - launching 2023.