Our conventional definition of success is summarised in the Merriam- Webster dictionary as 'the attainment of wealth, favour, or eminence’.  But what does success truly mean, especially after our experience with Covid-19? What are the narratives that we tell ourselves about success? And which among these narratives are we bringing into our new normal after the pandemic? 

“Over the past year, no area has undergone more rapid transformation than the way we work. Employee expectations are changing, and we will need to define productivity much more broadly — inclusive of collaboration, learning, and wellbeing to drive career advancement for every worker, including frontline and knowledge workers, as well as for new graduates and those who are in the workforce today. All this needs to be done with flexibility in when, where, and how people work.”

        - Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft

Lana and Veronica, will join Sarah and Stephen to explore this topic on redefining success post pandemic. 

In the last 30 minutes, they will switch gears and will get to know each other through an Online Networking with a SPIN.

This event is organized by Zebras Unite: Amsterdam Chapter, in collaboration with SPIN Ideas.