What is the Business Model Canvas (BMC)?

The BMC is a framework consisting of 9 building blocks that encompass all aspects of your business. The building blocks are about your organization, value proposition (description of your product or service), customers, suppliers, costs and revenues. With the BMC you discover the strengths and weaknesses of your organization and product. You also gain insight into the wishes of your customers.

What to expect and how to prepare

StartupAmsterdam invites all early stage founders and entrepreneurs to book a 1-on-1 30-minute session with our team and a guest expert in Business Model Design. If you haven’t worked with the BMC before, a good way to start is by watching this explanatory video.

To prepare for your consult, do download and fill in our expert’s template beforehand.

A note from the guest expert.

The BMC is not a fill-in-the-blanks exercise! You and your team should align on all details behind the notes. (i.e. if you want to use Instagram as a Channel, you must think about: content, customer segment(s), frequency, payments etc.) Realize that the blocks are interconnected, i.e. if you mention a certain subject/ topic in one of the blocks, this will have consequences in other blocks. (In this example, creating content for social media could be a Key activity. Often, the content will link the Value proposition with certain customers/ stakeholders. You may have a Key partner in this context and it could bring costs.)

Guest Expert

Bart Sutorius

Hands on innovation consultant and seasoned international trainer with 21 years of experience in profit and non profit, big and small. Innovation, inventions, intellectual property, licensing, (Sustainable) Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup and Customer development, entrepreneurship ecosystems. Over 14 years of experience in entrepreneurship education as curriculum developer, coordinator, lecturer, trainer, coach and assessor at the Amsterdam universities, both scientific and applied sciences. Bachelors, Masters and PhDs, alumni. Development and execution. Often in cooperation with Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE).