We are kicking off the Let's Touch BASE events with a session about The importance of connection for happier teams, followed by some online networking.

During this talk, Sarah Metcalfe, Chief Happiness Officer at Happy Coffee Consulting, will show how focusing on creating a great place to work for your employees, and especially a focus on relationships is the key to creating a happier workplace.

In this engaging talk, Sarah aims to define:

-happiness at work,

-how to focus on team relationships,

-explains the science behind why the traditional focus on employee engagement isn't working.

She will invite participants to reflect on how to put people at the heart of their organisation and will share her top tips to make changes in your organisation today.

Online Networking with a SPIN

They will follow Sarah's talk with online networking. Following the Online Networking with a SPIN concept, every 10 minutes you will have the opportunity to have a 1-on-1 with someone new. You can learn more about the concept and join the original event here.

About Sarah Metcalfe

Sarah Metcalfe is the CHO of Happy Coffee Consulting. She founded Happy Coffee Consulting after 9 years building award winning customer service and customer experience. Sarah has spent the last 10 years researching and training in Happiness at Work and now provides bespoke keynotes, training and coaching to businesses on embedding happiness into your workplace.

In July 2020 she became co-leader of Woohoo Unlimited, a group of over 100 happiness at work experts, from 27 countries around the world.