It is with pleasure that we invite you for the online launch and interactive demonstration of the new entrepreneurship teaching case Eva de Mol: Successful Female Venture Capitalist on Wednesday 2 June from 16:00-17:00 hr.


About the case
Eva de Mol founded CapitalT in February 2020, together with Janneke Niessen. Their success can be expressed in two ways: the entrance of a female-led company in an almost exclusively male sector, and the rapid collection of a huge investment sum. The investments in scale-ups by CapitalT are very well on their way to become successful.

This case is made by Enno Masurel (Full Professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). This case is structured as follows. First, attention is paid to Eva as a person, especially her life path until the launch of CapitalT, followed by a general explanation of the phenomenon of the venture capitalist. Then, the focus is on the company CapitalT: the founding process, the funders, the investments, and the internal organization.

Inspiring entrepreneurs in entrepreneurship education
To bring entrepreneurship education to a higher level, case studies about inspiring entrepreneurs are developed. Each case features a successful company  from the Amsterdam region. The cases can be used at any level and are especially suitable for late Bachelor and Master level entrepreneurship courses, and for executive education. The cases consist of a written part and an introduction video. Teaching notes are available upon request and for teachers only.
For more information about the Entrepreneurship cases and other inspiring cases, visit the website of Entrepreneurship Cases.