With a looming climate crisis and other pressing global issues, they see that our economy is transforming to find new solutions to these challenges. To what extent can impact guide commercial activity? What are the opportunities and limitations that impact companies face in the 21st century? And lastly, how can you take the first steps towards becoming an impact entrepreneur?

 Dr. Karen Maas who is the Academic Director at the Erasmus Impact Centre will be there to share her roadmap to impact. Working at the intersection of research and the world of social enterprises and impact investing she brings vast knowledge of how our economy is transforming.

Her talk will be followed by Laura Cramer of the renowned Rubio Impact Ventures, an impact-focused VC fund, who will tell you about how she invests for impact. This will help you understand the criteria that impact VCs look at when evaluating and investing into companies.

To round off, they will have some informal breakout rooms where you can meet their speakers to ask questions, network and discuss your next steps with experts!

At ASIF Ventures, they value diverse ideas from founders with a multitude of perspectives and backgrounds. They encourage womxn+, bipoc and other minorities in entrepreneurship and tech to join them for all of their events!