Part 1: Lunch table discussions (12:00 - 13:30)

Together with the ELSA Labs community of NLAIC, ICAI will organize a lunch event as part of the day for all the labs and interested people. There is a maximum amount of seats available for this part, so sign up quickly.

In small table setting, you will deep dive into specific area’s (look at the full programme here) and how to work on AI with trustworthiness integrated in the technology. Introductions will be given by the Police Lab and ELSA Lab. You must be physically present to attend this part of the programme.

Part 2: ICAI plenary event (13:45-17:00)

Part 2, the afternoon programme, will be a hybrid event. You can sign up for this plenary programme both physically and online. The focus of the afternoon will be on the technological side of AI.

ICAI have speakers from outside and inside the labs who will dive into the latest technologies of AI and show work on Geometric Deep Learning: from Euclid to drug design (Michael Bronstein, Imperial College & Twitter) and graph convolution networks (Xie Weiyi, Radboud MC/Thira Lab). Finally, the experts in the labs, from academia and industry, will share insides on lessons learned from the collaborations in the ICAI labs.