In this webinar, Sebastian Mehldau, Head of Growth Marketing at VanMoof, and Catarina Pinto, Data Analyst at VanMoof, will share how the forward-thinking e-bike juggernaut uses data to harness these opportunities for growth. 

We’ll be learning from the very best. VanMoof were able to triple their e-bike sales in 2020, and have grown from a small Dutch startup to the world’s leading e-bike brand, recently raising $128 million in Series C funding.

In this one-hour session with Catarina & Sebastian, Growth Tribe will be covering:

✅ The metrics and KPIs you should be following
✅ How to build a strategy and improve it based on data insights
✅ How you can go, step-by-step, from gathering data to implementing insights for impact 
✅ How VanMoof used data to get to know their customers and identify opportunities for growth based on segmentation.

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