During the hackathon, you design solutions for problems. But… you first need to know what problems/bottlenecks there are and what needs the solutions should meet. How do you learn what the real problem is and who the solution can be designed for? The warm-up workshop for Hacking Health Amsterdam will help you sharpen your pitch.

Which challenges/cases are suitable for the hackathon?

  • Challenges that are complex and difficult to solve within one organization and/or discipline.
  • Challenges where there is a need for a solution in which the human dimension is central (the needs of the target group/end users) and where creativity is therefore required to realize this within or perhaps also outside the current system.
  • Challenges with a concrete problem and a specific target group, for example the problem “loneliness” and the target group “all Amsterdammers” is too broad. Rather n=1, than n=1 million.
  • Last but not least: you will design solutions that contribute to happiness and health in Amsterdam

Workshop will take place in Dutch.