TheNextWomen believes that by providing founders with access to knowledge and capital, they'll build a more inclusive business society. That’s why they invite you to visit their Funding Morning every second Tuesday of the month. Because to build a business that is going to grow and be a success, you are going to need funding. But how do you get it? And better yet, where?

Every quarter TheNextWomen invite high-level investors from their Crowd Fund and other funds, banks and associations to sit down and help you answer these questions. The Funding Mornings are designed to help you become investor-ready and after 4 sessions you pitch your company in front of a panel of investors. They organize the Funding Mornings in a cycle of 5 modules – The perfect pitch deck, the investor memorandum, the termsheet, the pitch training, the pitch.

Are you already investment-ready? Come and meet some of the greatest people in the field. Get the introductions you’re looking for and make valuable connections.

And who knows, you might walk away with an investor lead!