Some of the topics covered will include:

  • Discover what digital assets every startup needs and create an action plan to get it all done: branding and messaging, website, video assets, content, translations and more!
  • Hear tips & tricks on how to optimize your resources and accomplish more tasks through outsourcing and freelancers
  • Explore the different models of employment and how to decide what’s best for you and your startup – full employment, outsourcing, or a hybrid
  • Hear stories and real-life examples of startups that are leveraging freelance work to efficiently grow their business

Who this workshop is designed for:

  • Early-stage startups creating a business strategy and roadmap
  • Startups facing a significant pivot and changing their value proposition or business model
  • Scaling startups looking to do more faster and more efficiently
  • Intrapreneurs building new products or business units within their companies that need additional resources