Finance is one of the most traditional industries out there and customer innovation has never been one of their priorities. However, the industry has witnessed a  huge mindset shift in the last decade and the pandemic has only accelerated this process.

Many companies with a new and fast approach are taking over the clients from giant incumbents. What are these companies doing differently? Why are they succeeding so fast.

Adopting a Growth Mindset is the key to unlocking true customer-centricity. By embracing a culture of learning, experimentation, and moving away from avoiding risk and failure, you have the foundations that will bring you closer to your customers.

As a matter of fact, some companies are recognising threats early, seizing opportunities, and catching a wave of profitable growth. While others are lagging behind the curve, some have already disappeared forever.

In this webinar, you will learn:

✅ What a Growth Mindset is, what it is not, and debunk some myths on a Growth Mindset 
✅ Why a Growth Mindset is key to Customer Centricity 
✅ A framework to start running experiments today, with case studies of success from the finance industry 
✅ Ask any questions you might have!