An entrepreneur never stops learning, so why not learn how to be an entrepreneur to begin with? Come and grab a piece of the knowledge pie they are baking!

"How to future proof the value you create for your customers?”

Who is Business model Inc?

Business Models Inc is a strategic consulting firm with a rebel mindset, focusing on helping corporate understand where to create value next for their customers. BMI helped to create tools such as the Business Model Canvas.

What is this Workshop about?

Some people like to shoot before asking questions, others calculate their moves before handling properly. In business, the business model is used to plan your ideas out before setting up business. How is a business model made though? Over years it has been developed, renewed, and standardized by many. Minds such as Alexander Osterwalder made sure that a business model is as easy as tying your shoes. For this skill-based workshop they will learn you how to design and improve your Business model canvas to prepare for any situation you as a start-up will encounter

‘Start-ups don’t fail because they lack a product; they fail because they lack customers and a profitable business model’.

Who is this workshop for?

This skill-based workshop was designed to accommodate a wide audience range. Whether you are an entrepreneurial student who is interested in creating and improving their business model for their future company, or an existing company that desires further depth and explanation about the importance and strategies of validating the business model canvas. This workshop fits all that desire to learn more