15.30 – Arrival of guests and refreshments
16.00 – Welcome by the moderator, Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten
16:05 – Key findings: We asked 50 ecosystem stakeholders about Amsterdam’s failure culture and support system. Here’s what we learned.
16:20 – Panel discussion: Entrepreneurs’ failure experience in the Netherlands
16:50 - Break
17:00 – 2 Rotating discussions (10min each) about different failure support gaps (e.g. mentors, legal support, peer groups, education, government support, …)
17.20 – Presentation about the main outcomes of the discussion groups
17.30 – Networking and borrel
19.00 – Closing

Why do we need to talk about failure?
Even though the Dutch ecosystem has raised numerous unicorns in the last years, rather silently, more than 50% of startups failed within their first five years. While failure can be a learning opportunity for the entrepreneur, for these learning benefits to manifest, entrepreneurs need to start again. However, failure is often a disheartening experience that incurs numerous social, psychological and financial costs for entrepreneurs which impact one's ability and inclination to start up again. Thus, we want to foster a safety net in Amsterdam’s local startup community in which the cultural attitude and formal regulations do not punish failure too much and support is provided.

In the first phase of the “Re-start Amsterdam” programme, we have spoken to more than 50 ecosystem stakeholders to learn from their failure experiences and their perceptions about the local failure culture and support gaps. In the next phase, we would like to share our learnings with the broader ecosystem and discuss how we can take first steps in mitigating the most pressing support gaps. Together we want to build an ecosystem in which failure does not mean the end of an entrepreneur’s career but a valuable learning experience on the road to success.

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