Why is it that in the last 15 years 52% of S&P 500 companies have disappeared?

Is it true that only tech companies are doing things fast?

In this LIVE FREE session hosted by Daniel Ushida, Growth Corporate Trainer & Coach, you will find answers to the questions above. In addition, Daniel will present:

✅ Use cases from traditional industries (healthcare, retail, telco, finance, consumer goods) that managed to speed things up.
✅ The key elements that contribute to becoming a fast-moving company: test & learn culture, agile best practices, using data to uncover new sources of business value, and many more.
✅ Practical examples on how Growth Tribe helps different organisations with training & coaching programs.

Join this session if:

✅ You work in a large company that is undergoing a digital transformation 🚀
✅ You are a Business Leader or a Functional Practitioner
✅ You are eager to learn how to implement growth strategies that impact the entire customer journey, from brand awareness to retention.