"We presented for Lean Launchpad and horribly failed because we didn’t understand the market. We did our work, and the initial judges of Lean Launchpad later became our first investors."

William Steenbergen

Co-Founder & CTO, Federato

About Federato

Insurance companies struggle to manage risk as natural catastrophes grow in volume and severity. Reinsurance is no longer a reliable backstop, with some of the largest insurers taking $600 million-plus single-quarter losses net of reinsurance.

​Federato is building an underwriter workflow that uses dynamic optimization across the portfolio to steer underwriters to a better portfolio balance. The software ostensibly lets actuaries and portfolio analysts drive high-level risk analysis into the hands of underwriters on the front lines to help them understand the “next best action” at a given point in time.

​William and his co-founder, Will Ross, participated in the Pear VC accelerator program in 2020 and raised funding from multiple (undisclosed) top-tier Silicon Valley VCs. William graduated from Erasmus School of Economics with a master's degree in econometrics & management science and Stanford University with a master's degree in computational & mathematical engineering.

About ASIF Ventures

ASIF Ventures bridges the gap between student entrepreneurs and venture capital funding. Their goal is to spur entrepreneurship in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area by guiding and investing in student-led startups. ASIF is here to support students & recent graduate startups from the get-go.