About the event

We would like to invite you, our partners, peers and talented academics, to celebrate the start of the new academic year together and join us for this inspirational and informative event at the lively AI hub of Startup Village.

During the event we will:

  • Shine light on the mission & vision of the rebranded ACE AI Lab;
  • Share the lessons learned of a seasoned AI entrepreneur (T.B.A);
  • Introduce the bright team working on the uniQure challenge who will present their results;
  • Present the upcoming challenges and partnerts;
  • Bridge the gap between the corporate field and entrepreneurship.

We are looking forward to kicking off this new academic year together! If you have any questions about the ACE AI Lab or the event, please feel free to reach out to: office@ace-incubator.nl.

About ACE AI Lab

ACE AI Lab helps corporate partners to innovate using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. We hand-pick a team of talented and entrepreneurial academics to build a working solution within 12 weeks. More information: www.ace-incubator.nl/ai-lab/.