After a successful “Bicultural Identity” themed summit last November, Omek is back with Part 2. This edition will stretch across two days and target audiences across numerous continents. This year the focus is “Collaboration”. Practices, work flows, and being solution-based are all key ingredients when it comes to advancing the diaspora on a global level.

The summit will be executed through 4 tracks:


They believe that culture has a direct influence on one’s identity, and as a result want to showcase the various methods through which it can be expressed. Music, wellness and a safe place for attendees to network are some examples of tools used in this track’s programming.


Those of them in the diaspora know all too well how important the stories passed down from our ancestors help with instilling pride in our family history. Since the beginning of time, written works and motion pictures have played an important role in sharing these accounts in various ways. This track focuses on highlighting bicultural identity through authored and visual formats.


Technology, design and sustainability evolve by the minute. As much as Omek stands for knowing your past, they equally advocate being adequately informed on what lies ahead. This track is dedicated to uplifting creators, inventors, and activists who’re committed to advancing the human race in this capacity.


Omek takes pride in nurturing its community by providing education and access to unique spaces where biculturals of African descent may be underrepresented. Although identifying a problem is crucial, it’s more important to be solution based. Executives and community representatives should be given a space to exchange ideas and show accountability — this is exactly what this track hopes to provide.