Bank loan, FFF or Professional Investments? How much should you raise and from what type of investor? Is your pitch good enough and what kind of questions will you get? From the outside, it might appear as a harsh world but don't let the funding world scare you.

There actually might be some good deals for you!

Understanding more about investments or finding committed investors might be challenging, especially for those who are novice. We Rise is here to support you in becoming a ninja in approaching and talking to investors.

Every two weeks, on Wednesdays, you can book a slot with a VC and get professional advice. You get 20 minutes for any question with regards to funding, you only need to send in your pitch deck beforehand.

Please, be aware that this is not a matchmaker program! At this stage you won't be pitching for the needed money - not yet at least - but you will be pitching for guidance and help to make your business idea far-reaching. A harsh world but don't let the investment world scare you. Actually there might be some good deals for you!