Amsterdam Trade & Innovate

Amsterdam Trade & Innovate connects entrepreneurs and innovations from the Amsterdam Area (MRA) to international business opportunities. 

We connect delegations from a variety of countries to entrepreneurs and businesses in the Amsterdam Area. To facilitate meaningful and lasting relationships, we organise international trade missions. Through our networks, we are able to open doors for entrepreneurs and expedite international collaborations.

Amsterdam Trade & Innovate focuses on specific innovate sectors in the Amsterdam Area that are promising in terms of international potential. We have Trade Developers specialising in these sectors as to better aid local entrepreneurs:

  • Creative industry (sustainable fashion & textile)
  • Smart City (sustainable building & smart mobility)
  • Smart health
  • Agri & food
  • Tech

Despite this focus, Amsterdam Trade & Innovate's efforts are not limited to these sectors. Are you aware of opportunities for innovative SMEs on the international market? Please contact us to discuss.