Social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an ideal homebase for social entrepreneurs, offering the networks, ecosystem and business preconditions to make impact enterprises a success.

Social entrepreneurship in Amsterdam

Social entrepreneurship, also known as impact entrepreneurship, means doing business with a social perspective: making a positive impact on society is the priority. Social entrepreneurs contribute daily to making Amsterdam dynamic, liveable and healthy. With business acumen, innovation and creativity, they go after their dreams – and they keep going. Along the way, they achieve their goals by new and inspiring ways.

Connecting all players in the impact ecosystem

For these impact entrepreneurs, Amsterdam is the ideal stomping ground. The City of Amsterdam is actively supporting social enterprises. It strengthens the ecosystem with various measures, offers young businesses new opportunities by acting as a launching customer and organises competitions regarding social issues that are relevant to the municipality. On several platforms and at many events, the business ecosystem connects a diverse range of educators, colleges, universities, impact investors, intermediaries and programmes with a focus on social enterprise with each other. Together, we are Amsterdam Impact: working together to make an impact.

Impact businesses in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is already home to a large number of social enterprises. One example is the De Prael brewery, which offers employment to people who have had trouble finding work due to a history of mental illness or other issues. Another is Tony Chocolonely, which uses Amsterdam as a vantage point to work towards fairer and more sustainable chocolate production worldwide. Or take Konnektid, a platform enabling people to share skills and expertise. And then there’s Taxi Electric, the first electric taxi service in Europe.

Conscious shopping in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also home to many stores that put social impact first, and profits second. These stores carry excellent food and wares, but focus mainly on having a positive impact on society. You can experience these first hand by following this bike route (also suitable for walking, if you have the time) which will guide you around some of the best stores with great social impact.

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