What is an impact enterprise?

In short: Impact enterprises, which include social enterprises and socially responsible businesses, generate both financial and societal value through their entrepreneurial activities. 

Tell me more: For social enterprises, the City of Amsterdam mainly uses the European Commission’s definition. Check out our 2019-2022 action programme for more details on how we define a social enterprise and a socially responsible business.

What is Amsterdam Impact?

In short: Amsterdam Impact is an initiative of the City of Amsterdam to strengthen the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Tell me more: Amsterdam wants to become a frontrunner of the impact economy. To this end, the City of Amsterdam has devised a programme with six pillars that include 18 measures. ‘Amsterdam Impact’ is also used to refer to the team who implements the Amsterdam Impact 2019-2022 action programme.

Why Amsterdam Impact?

In short: Amsterdam wants to become a frontrunner in the impact economy. Amsterdam Impact, an initiative by the City of Amsterdam, is here to strengthen the ecosystem for all companies that simultaneously create financial and societal value. 

Tell me more: Amsterdam has a long history of being home to entrepreneurs who do business that creates added value for society. Impact entrepreneurship is an integral part of the city’s mindset. 

The combination of developing a strong business case with making an impact requires innovative partnerships. And Amsterdam has plenty of potential for collaboration: the city is a lively and living lab. 

Amsterdam Impact is a collaborative effort to support the city’s growing ecosystem for impact entrepreneurship, which includes startups, SMEs, large companies, investors, civil servants, network organisations, and knowledge institutes.

What does Amsterdam Impact do, really?

In short: A lot!

Tell me more:

Here are some examples: To support social procurement, we connect impact enterprises to buyers from companies and organisations through Buy Social pitch-and-match events. To put impact enterprises on the map, quite literally, we created seven Amsterdam-specific conscious shopping routes. To raise awareness and activate consumers and organisations to ‘buy social’, we co-created The Impact Days campaign. To ensure that sufficient capital is available to impact enterprises, we facilitate collaboration between finance providers and strengthen links between investors and impact enterprises. As a centre of expertise on the role of government in the transition to a new economy, we aim to build an international network of city ecosystems for impact entrepreneurship. To dive deeper, read our programme

Can Amsterdam Impact invest in impact enterprises?

In short: No, Amsterdam Impact does not have financing schemes but we can help you navigate Amsterdam’s numerous funding opportunities.  

Tell me more: Amsterdam Impact wants to ensure that sufficient capital is available to impact enterprises at all stages of their business development. That’s why we facilitate collaboration between finance providers and strengthen the links between investors and impact enterprises. Go here to learn more about access to capital.

How can I join the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem?

In short: Explore the ins and outs of Amsterdam’s ecosystem, check out our international network, use our guide to the city’s impact-focused incubators, accelerators, challenges and communities, and browse our event calendar. Need more help finding your way? Drop us a line.