The Netherlands’ most sustainable brand

Tony's Chocolonely has been named the Netherlands’ most sustainable brand by Dutch consumers for the third time in a row. Shoppers voted to help the chocolate maker top the Sustainable Brand Index 2020, Europe’s largest independent brand study on sustainability. With the help of nearly 60,000 consumers across eight countries, the study measures over 1,400 brands across more than 35 industries on sustainability and aims to highlight how companies’ sustainable credentials are perceived by consumers.

More than 7,000 people were interviewed for this year’s Dutch edition, which looked at 176 companies across 14 industries. Greenchoice again came second in the ranking, after winning it in 2017, with mobility firm ANWB third and Tesla fourth. Energy firm Vattenfall climbed 38 spots and entered the top 10, taking eighth place. According to the study, consumers are positive about Tony’s Chocolonely ambitious social goals when it comes to the chocolate industry. The firm’s mission is to fight against child labour and modern slavery, which are sometimes used in cocoa production.

Dutch consumers focusing on sustainability

As well as the ranking tables, the study also analysed information about what consumers want and expect in terms of green and ethical business practices. The percentage of consumers who say their purchasing decisions are affected by sustainability is the highest in the Netherlands (79%) compared to any other country included in the study. It also found that ‘consumer awareness levels around the environmental and social responsibility of companies have gone up’ and that ‘Dutch consumers are generally more positive about sustainability’.

Amsterdam’s sustainable credentials

Amsterdam is home to many companies focused on circularity and sustainability across a swathe of industries, including fashion, transport and logistics. Last year, it remained at the top of the league for green finance in the Global Green Finance Index and in February the City of Amsterdam announced an ambitious plan to become energy independent by partnering with residents and companies.

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