Showcasing opportunity

The Impact Days start on 15 November, which is global Social Enterprise Day, and run until 17 November, which will be the Netherlands’ first Social Saturday. It’s an ideal opportunity for social enterprises to showcase their goods and services, for example by holding an open house, organising a workshop or running a special offer. The campaign will raise awareness of companies for which profit isn’t an end in itself but a means to tackle major challenges in society. Don’t miss the chance to take part!

Varied activities and different target groups

The opening day on 15 November targets people who are professionally connected with social enterprise, from buyers at big companies, funders and financers to policy makers and social organisations. It includes a major Buy Social event in Amsterdam and various activities around the country. Social Saturday on 17 November focuses on consumers, aiming to persuade them to buy social: consume in a way that contributes to a fairer and more sustainable world, ensuring everyone gets better value for money. In various cities there will be social shopping routes for shoppers to follow.


The Impact Days campaign website enables participating enterprises and organisations to publicise their events and activities. As a participant, you gain access to the website and receive a toolkit including the campaign logo and poster material to help you promote your own activities. The Impact Days will be promoted both online and offline, at local and national level.

More information

If you would like to join the campaign in Amsterdam, get in touch at For general inquiries about The Impact Days, please contact