Giving change-makers the help they need

The Humblebrag, an editorial platform, strategic communications firm and thought leadership agency, is launching a new accelerator for social, or impact, entrepreneurs, i.e. those that are developing solutions to pressing challenges related to the environment and society at large. The accelerator focuses on thought leadership, aiming to help change-makers and innovators succeed by supporting them to raise their profile. 

The course also provides a valuable opportunity for people from Amsterdam’s many social-minded businesses and organisations to learn and network. The city is home to sizable sustainable fashion and housing industries and is making considerable headway in the field of smart transport and mobility as well. Throughout the year, Amsterdam welcomes many gatherings related to sustainability (it hosted three such events in September alone). 

Bold, brave and ready for change

Founded in 2017, The Humblebrag offers various services, including campaign launches, reputation management and social media strategy. The agency states that its mission is to “support and inspire leaders to be bold and brave on social, cultural and environmental issues.”

The new accelerator course has been created to help entrepreneurs seeking to change the world make their voices heard and have a real impact. In a press release, founder Lucy von Sturmer said: “I am committed to helping social entrepreneurs amplify their voice. These are the bold free-thinkers committed to change, offering our communities and our planet promising new solutions, and quite frankly: the more social entrepreneurs become recognised thought leaders, the more influence we can have on the system too.”

In the summer of 2019, a prototype of the course was released alongside a workbook, gaining the attention of small business founders respectively striving to create a circular economy, empower minorities and women, help the environment and democratise business tools. The first full edition of the course takes place on 27 and 29 November at Impact Hub Amsterdam; applications are still being accepted

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