The Impact Days put a spotlight on next-level entrepreneurs that help build a more sustainable and inclusive world. The aim? To get consumers, organisations, and the (local) government to make responsible and conscious purchases during the holiday season and throughout the year.

The Amsterdam edition of The Impact Days is powered by Amsterdam Impact in collaboration with a wide range of national and local partners. In this turbulent 2020, instead of inviting you to go out and explore, the organisers and participating entrepreneurs are staying safe and going digital. 



What makes an entrepreneur next-level?

Good question! In short, next-level or impact entrepreneurs are the pioneers of creating positive change through business. From developing innovative circular products that close waste loops to building an inclusive and equitable job market, next-level entrepreneurs inspire and lead the way. 

Take Little Plant Pantry, an Amsterdam-based supermarket with zero-plastic packaging.

Co-founders Maria and Winter were living in a remote cottage on the west coast of Ireland when they came up with this concept. With shops far away, they always bought groceries in large quantities. “Every time we had to dispose of so much plastic that we started to wonder why we couldn’t buy unpackaged products. We decided that, if we ever started our own store, it would be plastic-free”, says Winter. Read more (in Dutch).

If you’ve embraced the plastic-free lifestyle, you’re likely to hop on your bike for grocery shopping. Enter Roetz, an Amsterdam brand that creates circular bicycles from abandoned bikes while providing training programs to bike mechanics. “The biggest impact we can make is to get every part back. There is currently a culture in the bicycle industry of replacing broken parts and then throwing them away. Our new Roetz bicycle is based on the fact that all parts can be repaired”, says Laurens. Learn more (in Dutch).

Now picture yourself in your kitchen, tote bag full of bulk goodies, ready to eat on 100% recycled tableware from Urban Nature Culture Amsterdam. “When we started with our recycled line, we thought of reglazing tableware from thrift stores. The technique is not new, but what is new is to affordably mass-produce and sell it. We teamed up with designers Studio Mixtura and Mineralz (part of leading waste-to-product company Renewi), which extracts minerals from incinerated household waste. And it worked!”, co-founder Anne-Marie explains. Read more (in Dutch).

Are you a next-level entrepreneur who wants to join The Impact Days?

If you have inspiring activities in mind, such as an online workshop, 1-on-1 tours, or a special offer, go here to explore and sign up. And follow this dedicated Instagram account to stay in the loop! 

Are you in charge of procurement in your organisation?

Responsible procurement can help you to achieve your organisation's impact goals in areas ranging from sustainable food to inclusive labour. 

Join the Cities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, and Voor Goed (Rotterdam’s Impact Agency) for an online Buy Social event on the 19th of November. Expect fun video pitches from nine next-level enterprises, 1-on-1 conversations to explore potential procurement deals, and an inspiring talk by purpose economy thought leader Kees Klomp.

Think of enterprises such as vanPlestik, which creates design objects 3D printed from recycled plastic waste, Ptthee, which makes herbal tea that helps regenerate biodiversity in the Netherlands, or BMS Security, which trains people with a distance to the job market to become security guards. 

vanPlestik Amsterdam