Mapping the issues and opportunities emerging from the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is sharpening the need and opportunities for change. Not only are the flaws in the current system clearer than ever but important questions have also risen to the surface: how can we regenerate our natural habitats? How do we cope with long-term supply chain disruption? How do we find work aligned with our core values?

The pandemic has also led to increased innovation and collaboration such as the nationwide initiative Support Your Locals, which helps close (food) waste loops and create shorter supply chains. How can we leverage such initiatives to accelerate the transition to a resilient economy built on shared value? And what role does each of us play in co-creating this economy?

Together with Impact Hub Amsterdam, Amsterdam Impact has launched a perspective paper that maps the issues and opportunities emerging from the socio-economic impact COVID-19 had on citizens and impact entrepreneurs in Amsterdam and over 20 other cities around the world. Read the paper.

A new programme to help make circular businesses more resilient

With the Goldschmeding Foundation and Impact Hub Amsterdam, Amsterdam Impact has also developed the RE:SILIENCE programme to equip circular companies with tools to emerge from the current crisis stronger than before. As the current crisis reinforces the need for innovative business models, the programme will support entrepreneurs to reimagine their strategies to create more resilient businesses that keep contributing to a new, more sustainable economy.

In a sustainable economy, circularity principles play a major role. Impact entrepreneurs have been at the forefront of building circular business models that deal with raw materials, energy, and ownership in a completely different way. Thanks to their creative and innovative approaches, such entrepreneurs are quite resilient, but not immune to disruptive economic conditions. To weather the COVID-19 crisis, many have been challenged to rethink their business model, supply chain, distribution channels, team, and partnerships.

RE:SILIENCE programme participants will benefit from expert business diagnostics, individual mentoring, masterclasses, peer-to-peer support, and matchmaking with potential new partners and investors. Learn more and meet the mentors and register by 18 September.