A move forward for social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is becoming an increasingly relevant sector in today’s business economy. To build on this relevance, the Commission for a Social Enterprises Code has developed a consultation document outlining the main principles behind social entrepreneurship.

The Commission now calls on interested parties to give their feedback, which will be used to help formulate the final version of the code.

“This code will be a big step in the development of social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands,” said the Commission. “We want to know if the code correctly interprets the main principles behind social entrepreneurship and whether it provides the right basis for stakeholder policies.”

Social Enterprise NL

The Commission is an initiative of Social Enterprise NL. Since 2012, the organisation has been representing, connecting and supporting the growing community of social enterprises in the Netherlands.

Social Enterprises NL follows the European Commission’s definition of a social enterprise: “an operator in the social economy whose main objective is to have a social impact rather than to make a profit for their owners or shareholders.”

Social entrepreneurship also entails conducting business in an open, innovative, responsible and inclusive manner. In that spirit, the Commission is calls on social entrepreneurs, financers, policymakers and other relevant stakeholders to collaborate online in establishing the code.

Make your voice heard

Interested parties can give their feedback on the Social Enterprise NL website (in Dutch) until 4 April 2017. Respondents can comment on the code in general and on its individual sections.

The code is built up out of five main principles: “assured and measurable missions”, “relevant stakeholders, determination and dialogue”, “considered and informed finances”, “implementation: registered and reflected upon”, and “transparency: active and accessible”.

Download the draft code (in Dutch), and help contribute to a more socially responsible future.