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Amsterdam is perfect for innovative businesses that want to shake things up and really make an impact. It is a lively and living lab: experiments, innovations and collaborations are everywhere. Learn more about Amsterdam's impact ecosystem with insightful, thought-provoking articles and interviews.

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New Motion

New Motion makes charging points for electric vehicles. Read the interview with founder Alef Arendsen to find out how Amsterdam is making his vision c...

LM Wind Power

LM Wind Power's CEO, Roland Sundén, explains why Amsterdam's strategic location was the right fit for the business.

Food and flowers in Amsterdam

In addition to being a renowned centre of knowledge, the Netherlands is the world's second-largest exporter of agricultural products and an important ...


TOMS Managing Director Martin Johnston explains why Amsterdam is the perfect location for the fashion company.

RAU Architects

According to RAU's founder, Thomas Rau, "in the Netherlands, it's more accepted that the built environment must be in harmony with the natural surroun...

The Kraanspoor

Find out why office building the Kraanspoor became the first European real estate project to be awarded the Green Award by the MIPIM real estate fair....