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Every issue of AMS magazine is packed full of Amsterdam's latest business insights and knowledge, including developments and innovations across a range of sectors, testimonials from some of the city's leading business figures, facts and statistics on its thriving business ecosystem and so much more. Read current and previous issues' articles here.

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Living in the new Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a small city with big dreams. Politicians, planners and builders are working together to prioritise three critical factors for urban bala...

Ven Amsterdam

Ven Amsterdam will provide a new-world hub for networking, bringing new life and colour to a part of Amsterdam that is ripe for development.

Royal circular ambitions

The Netherlands is a global leader in closed-loop recycling projects, says Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma. ‘Our strength is in our holistic chain appr...

Amsterdam: a circular hotspot

Amsterdam has taken up the circularity challenge, with heartening results. Loops are closing around the Metropolitan Area: from the lighting at Schiph...