Bring a reusable bottle

Dopper Amsterdam

If we all eliminated single-use plastic water bottles from our lives, the effect on the environment would be enormous. Dutch brand Dopper made it their mission to spread awareness of plastic’s environmental impact and sell a range of refillable, sustainable, recyclable and BPA-free bottles in fun colours. Originating from Haarlem, the bottles have reached near iconic status and you’ll spot them all around the city. 

Caffeinate ‘for here’ 

Coffee Amsterdam

Takeaway coffee cups with their deceptive plastic linings are another culprit destroying our oceans. Instead, bring a keep cup to your favourite café (see Amsterdam’s best coffee spots) or simply take a moment to sip your flat white from a (proper) porcelain cup. You can even pick up Amsterdam-themed stainless-steel coffee stirrers from local brand Roersels as a unique souvenir that fits in the tiniest carry-on.   

Skip travel-sized cosmetics

Navigating in-flight liquid restrictions can be quite an ordeal – we hear you – but resist the urge to load up on miniature bottles of shampoo, moisturiser and mouthwash that get tossed in the hotel bathroom bin the next day. A better alternative is to source your own carry-on friendly refillable jars and load them with your own products. Better yet, look for plastic-free alternatives available at stores like Lush Cosmetics and Holland & Barrett in Amsterdam, where you can find compact solutions, such as shampoo bars, that travel well and will be a welcome addition to your shower caddy back home.

Carry a tote bag

Having an extra bag on hand is always useful when you’re travelling. On a day out in Amsterdam, you’ll easily fill it with souvenirs, market finds and the occasional bouquet of tulips. Decline the offer of a plastic bag, “Wil je een tasje erbij?” and one less plastic bag ends up in landfill. Tip: the I amsterdam Store’s neighbourhood tote bag collection allows you to show your love for your favourite corner of the city.

Choose sustainable souvenirs

Make eco-friendly choices on the gifts and momentos that you bring home from your time in Amsterdam. The I amsterdam Store stocks a variety of brands that turn recycled or repurposed materials into inspiring products. Check out Wasteboard skateboards, Stadsplank wooden cutting boards, the Patrimonia board game made from plastic waste and sustainable materials and the adorable Rijkswatchers robots made from the wooden crates used to protect priceless artworks during the Rijksmuseum’s renovation. 

Wear your (green) heart on your sleeves

Amsterdam Denim Days Tim Collins Photography

If you’re wearing polyester, nylon, acrylic or microfibre, the cold hard fact is that you’re wearing a form of plastic that leaks into waterways on every single wash cycle. Opt for organic natural fibres (cotton, wool, silk, linen) wherever possible or look to Amsterdam’s innovative fashion houses that specialise in sustainable design. Denim brands like G-Star RAW are world leaders in untreated, organic cotton jeans that are 98% recyclable, Kings of Indigo are regarded as the most sustainable producer in Europe and MUD Jeans work on an innovative slow fashion concept. 

Want to further reduce your environmental footprint? See our tips for a sustainable trip to Amsterdam