The latest hotel-but-not-exactly-a-hotel to open in Amsterdam sees 28 tiny bridge houses converted into cosy little hotel suites for two. For over a century the houses were home to the city's bridge keepers, who were responsible for controlling boat traffic through the canals. After laying dormant and disused for decades, these humble landmarks have now been resurrected as one-of-a-kind hotel rooms scattered throughout Amsterdam's waterways - from its busiest canals to its most serene neighbourhoods. The imaginative concept was brought to life by the Amsterdam architects behind ecological and creative hub De Ceuvel, and the clever team behind two of Amsterdam’s most unique hotels; The Lloyd Hotel and The Exchange Hotel.

SWEETS amstelschutsluis Amsterdam

 SWEETS Amstelschutsluis

Architectural gems 

There are so many brilliant things about this idea that I don’t know where to begin. The bridge houses are all architectural gems in their own right, each designed by a different architect and reflective of a different architectural style, from the Amsterdam School to Modernism. The oldest dates from 1673 (perched on a lock in the middle of the River Amstel), whilst the most recent dates from 2009 and can be found on IJburg; an island ode to modern architecture in the east of Amsterdam.

SWEETS Beltbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Beltbrug

The interiors have been carefully designed to complement the architectural style, meaning that each suite is completely different to the next. One thing that they all have in common though are stunning waterfront views and idyllic locations on some of the city’s most iconic bridges.

Whether you’re an architecture buff, a fan of unique accommodation, or you just want the chance to unleash your inner troll and bellow ‘who’s that trip trapping over my bridge’ to innocent passers by, SWEETS is, well, sweet.

The first 11 bridge houses are now open, with the remaining 17 to follow in the coming years. Book your stay and find out more at SWEETS hotel's website.

 Take a look at some of SWEETS' wonderful hotel suites below. 

SWEETS Buiksloterdraaibrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Buiksloterdraaibrug

SWEETS Buiksloterdraaibrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Buiksloterdraaibrug

SWEETS Kinkerbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Kinkerbrug

SWEETS Scharrebier Amsterdam

SWEETS Scharrebier

SWEETS Theophile de bockbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Theophile de Bockbrug

SWEETS Westerdok Amsterdam

SWEETS Westerdoksbrug

SWEETS Westerdoksbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Westerdoksbrug

SWEETS Westerdoksbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Westerdoksbrug

SWEETS Wiegbrug Amsterdam

SWEETS Wiegbrug

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