Take an adventure in the Amsterdam Area

The Amsterdam Area really does have it all – whether you fancy a day on the beach, want to explore some historic castles, visit a vista of magnificent windmills or spend time shopping in one of the Netherlands’ most gorgeous cities. Planning a trip to the region really couldn’t be easier, as I amsterdam offers a wealth of information on all the best things to do in the Amsterdam Area, as well as information on how to get there from Amsterdam city centre.

I am not sure if you're the same, but whenever I visit anywhere I always love to get excited about my trip by researching what’s in store, or, even better, watching videos of the place I am about to travel too. Now, with I amsterdam’s new virtual reality videos, you can do just that, as each video offers viewers the chance to transport themselves to some unique locations around the Amsterdam Area – including flying through the air above the beach at Zandvoort, relaxing in the beautiful main courtyard of the Frans Hal Museum in Haarlem, and running around the ramparts of Castle Muiderslot.

Take an interactive tour of the Amsterdam Area with 360-degree videos.

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As well as being able to watch the videos on your desktop or on your mobile (note: if you’re watching on mobile it’s best to click through to the YouTube version of each video), you can also visit the I amsterdam store at Amsterdam Central Station to take the tour in full virtual reality using a special headset. You also might have your own VR headset at home! As well as being able to virtually explore some of the Amsterdam Area’s most spectacular locations, you can also learn all about their history and find facts about each place. Just remember to look around to fully experience everything the videos have to offer.

The Amsterdam Area is easy to explore by public transport, with most destinations being accessible by train or bus (or a combination of the two) and just half an hour journey time from Amsterdam. If you are planning to head out into the Amsterdam Area during your trip to Amsterdam, make sure to use the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket - a special public transport pass valid on bus, tram, metro and train services in Amsterdam and the entire region. The ticket is valid for 1, 2 or 3 days and comes with a useful public transport guide for the Amsterdam Area filled with sightseeing tips.