Places to study

With so many distractions at home, it can be difficult to concentrate. Wi-fi, a cup of coffee and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere are important for your concentration.

This study spot is part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences but all students are welcome. There are quiet areas and a small cafeteria where you can get something to eat and drink.

A large hotel with a roof terrace and flexible work spaces on the ground floor - a good place to work on projects.

University library
This library is part of the University of Amsterdam but it’s open to all students. The locations on Roeterseiland and on the Singel can be very busy during exam weeks.

The Student Hotel
Study comfortably in this spot that’s popular among international students. People are very open and enjoy helping you (or listening to your study problems!).

While it may not seem very inviting from the ground floor, hop in the lift and prepare to be surprised! A good place to work on assignments.


Amsterdam has a huge and diverse nightlife scene. Many people buy a ticket for a party or concert ahead of time. You can always head out without a plan, of course, but you need to know where to go.

You can party, listen to famous artists and attend all sorts of events. Why not buy a concert ticket on the spur of the moment and expand your horizons?

Coco’s Outback
Coco’s is an Australian bar and restaurant with great music, cheap cocktails and fun parties. Many international students come here and this makes the atmosphere even better.

The best and most colourful street to go out in in Amsterdam! The LGBTI-nightlife carries on until very late at night.

A fabulous venue! Parties are organised here but Paradiso is especially famous for large pop concerts.

WesterUnie is famous for huge techno parties and cool DJs. You can party here until the wee hours of the morning.

Grabbing a drink

After a lecture, it’s always nice to unwind and meet up with friends. Here’s a list of places where students can usually be found.

Skek (25% discount on food)
Skek is a nice place managed by students that often has live music. Students receive a 25% discount on food.

Conveniently located and full of students. You can study, eat, drink and even go to the cinema here.

Poesiat en Kater
Although it’s not necessarily within a student’s budget, you can always go to taste the special home-brewed beers and relax on the large terrace.

Hannekes Boom
A dreamy location on the IJ River where you can dip your feet in the water while you enjoy a nice drink.

Café Gollem Amstelstraat
A dark pub with an endless choice of different beers. You can roll right into the city from here!

Affordable restaurants

Feel like going out to eat but don’t have much to spend? There are plenty of nice and affordable places to fill your belly.

Japanese ramen and other Asian food prepared very quickly for a low price. Students receive a 20% discount!

Vegan Junk Food Bar
Pig out on vegan junk food burgers, chips, the famous Dutch ‘bitterballen’ or even chick’n nuggets.

Soak up the atmosphere, drink home-brewed beer and eat a chicken grilled on charcoal for just €13.50. A great place to go with friends.

Restaurant Bazar Amsterdam
This restaurant used to be a church but now serves delicious dishes from North Africa and the Middle East. The daily special just costs €8.50!

La Cubanita Amsterdam
A fun and busy restaurant with a Cuban ambiance. Tuck into all-you-can-eat tapas from Sunday through Thursday for just €17.50

Affordable day trips

Amsterdam has a rich array of museums, exhibitions, cinemas and other places to visit. You’ll never be bored in Amsterdam, especially if you’re are a student!

You can go to the zoo for €3 by showing your student card and school registration.

Students receive discounts at several cinemas in Amsterdam. Visit the Kriterion, the Ketelhuis, the Uitkijk, the Balie or LAB111.

Feel like just laying back and listening to entertaining, intimate or exciting stories? Then Mezrab is your place to be. For just €5 you can chill and enjoy a bowl of delicious soup.

The cultural centre for students where you can take courses in everything from drama to photography, or watch one of the many performances.

BOOM Chicago
Live comedy, sketches, music and other types of entertainment can be found at BOOM Chicago. Take your plus one with you and be surprised!