Tracy explains:

After having our picture taken on I amsterdam's letter 'd' whilst celebrating our engagement, I said to Mr A: "This single letter isn't going to work on its own on our wall, we'll just have to have our picture taken by a different one each time we come back." Little did he know it would become a commitment to create a series, telling the story of us.

Returning from London after our wedding a few months later we posed under the m - unaware I was pregnant at the time. Every visit, every season, in sun, rain and snow (and sometimes all three) we added a letter: my growing bump; the first visit with our beloved newborn son Oscar; returning few months later astonished to be cradling a new bump; then back again with our gorgeous second son Zac. From start to finish the project spanned 3 years and 10 visits.

The pictures are now displayed in our hall and are one of our most treasured possessions: